Carp Fly Swap final instructions


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Well, here's the scoop on the Carp Fly Swap. We have 10 folks that have more or less agreed to participate in the swap.

MacRowdy, Black Leech of Death
Sparse, Carp Wolley or Crawfish
Picean, Kitchen towel :rofl
FlyfishNM, Ugly bug
Little Stone, Maggot
wrench, Montana Carp bug
King Rex, Crawfish
Andy Leighton, PT variation
PH2738, Wolley wormy thingie
Me, Dragon/damsel nymph

So tie up 12 of your bugs and send them on or before March 15th to:

3309 108th St SE
Everett, WA 98208

I'll mix them up and mail them back. Extra bugs will be returned to the original tier if no one else joins. Please include some return postage, Thanks.

Roper, beware the ides of March


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Wait...wait...wait...I want in. I have found the secret carp fly....It is suppose to be THE TOP carp getting fly and held in extreme regards amongst serious carp fly people. Can I still join the swap....please please please...I promise not to piss anyone off anymore...please. :bawling ..But I cant state what the fly actually have to trust me on this one.

~Patrick ><>

Brad Niemeyer

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Ides of March

In like a lion....

Roper: If your are gonna slam me you should at least spell my login name correctly, dude...where's the love?

I'll participate with my favorite carp fly ( one that actually fools those wily carp)

I loudly snap a kitchen towel in your general direction!



Idiot Savant
Ides of March

Ouch! I suddenly have an "S" shaped welt on my....ouch!

No slam intended, actually I felt your original reply was quite funny, hence the Kitchen Towel moniker for your fly.

Welcome Piscean!


Truth above all else
Hey guys.. I am not participating(my tying is below pathetic), but I remember there were some suggestions that came up from the last swap.

You guys might wanna consider attaching a tag to all your flies so the recipients know what they're getting... Another suggestion.... include tying instructions.


Brad Niemeyer

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Out like a lamb...

Maybe I should change my "Trusty Rusty" brown nymph to the "Kitchen towel" nymph and call it good...

Truth be told, Wrench is the king carp catcher here...I've caught a few and I will definitely go back for more...But he is dialed into the carp thing in eastern WA...

What we should do is share carp sightings, since the carp fishery is never in danger of being over fished...I'll start with a few choice spots and a few leads:

Confirmed sightings
1) Banks Lake
2) Upper Crab creek
3) Lower Crab creek
4) Moses lake
5)The columbia (near Finley
6)Yakima "Richland Y"

Upper and lower Goose Lakes
Winchester waste way
Frechman hills waste way
Evergreen reservoir
Vancouver lake

Key is large carp in shallow wadeable areas...If you find that, you will succeed...(see attached pic of a smallish 9 pounder from banks lake)

Long live the Carp!:thumb
Calmness is power....:
King Carp Katcher???

Wow, I am not sure I really want the title.....Piscean, do I know you?? Anyway, good list of spots, EXCEPT the Richland "Y" is a horrible muddy place, you can never see the fish unless their backs are almost sticking out of the water, and should you try to wade around, we may never hear from you again...
Would like to know some good spots in Moses Lake, anybody got any ??

Brad Niemeyer

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King Carp Katcher???

Dude, I'm hurt...:rofl you sent me to Upper Crab Creek last summer where I saw some monsters but I couldn't hook up...Its the Zen bubbles thing...I do better when I can see the fish in the shallows...I may try again there but my other leads sound better...and closer to me (Seattle)

I used to live in Richland, but unfortunately I didn't think carp could be hooked on the fly back then ('90-'95) ...Doh! now I know better!

Caught any monster bull trout lately? what's the weather like in MT today?

If you like I'll shoot you an email whenever I have carp success...

Calmness is power....
King Carp Katcher???

Your right, I DO know you!! You should pop me with the wet towel that is hanging around here for the slip. YES, by all means Email me when you start seeing carp or catching fish!! I love that spot on Crab above ML, seems I can always swing in there and get a couple of pigs.
Bull trout, yea, but this is gonna sound crazy, am getting a bit tired of catching 6 to 20lb bulls, can't wait for spring, carp, pike, trout rising to caddis, etc. IS friging cold here, my buddy wants to go out tomorrow mid-day for a few hours, will let you know if we do any good, if my frozen fingers will still type.....
Before I start whippin' up a dozen flies, I think everyone needs to acknowledge that they are in...So far:

ME: flyfishnm

The rest of yous guys need to reply to this post before we start tying up the flies

i am in and have begun cranking out my pt variation in mass. may the carp run in fear.

does anyone know a decent carp location for this time of year? i would like to go and wade some shallows after them this weekend. anything within 3 hours of seattle is fair game for me. thanks.

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