weather on the snoqualmie


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went out to the middle fork of the snoqualmie on sunday morning, but couldn't get a single fish to bite. i've been there a few times over the past month or so, and normally i have great luck on either a size 14 elk hair caddis or a size 14 or 16 para adams, mostly in the faster water. it's become my favorite local place to fish since i moved back to the area, and normally i can bring in several cutts and an occasional rainbow between 10 and 12".
i noticed though that when i've had good days up there it's been a nice sunny day and i've usually fished mid-afternoon, but this last weekend the weather was pretty gloomy and i was out early to mid-morning. i did notice a couple duns flying about, size 14 or so (Blue Winged Olives? i'm still an amateur entomologist) but had no luck with imitations. i also tried nymphing a bit, using the generic GRHE and BHPT, but i was wondering if a sudden weather change like that will normally push the fish into deeper holes or cause them to stop feeding altogether. i was getting to the point where i kinda think i know what i'm doing with a fly rod in hand, but days like will keep me in my place! good thing flyfishing is such a damn fine sport, even a bad day on the river is better than the best day working, right?
...any help from a veteran??

Chris Scoones

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Hi Darik,

We had some similar 'luck' Saturday for the SF & MF Snoq. When a cold front pulls in with rain after an extended period of nice days I'll usually default to a nymph until I see a hatch on top. I'm found the dries to be more productive later in the day as well, especially evening time.

My head wasn't really in it as I'd just got off an all nighter at work but gave it a shot anyway. I may have just been off my game, day dreaming about a triple shot of espresso while neglecting my presentation. My partner that day (proficient with nymphs, plenty of sleep) had a tough go at it as well until later that morning.

If you like to fish dries on the MF, try the first or second sunny day after a spell of drizzly weather. The hatches pick up and trout are hungry. Right now, keep your eye open for October Caddis. They've been out on the SF in smaller numbers but they're activity will pick up.


Darik, I agree w/ what Chris says, and also follow it up w/ my experience that the Snoqualmie tails off this time of year from what it produces in summer. Summer nighttime hatches can be amazing when darkness starts to set in and the risers are everywhere. But as the cold weather rolls in, generally you will probably take more on a nymph. I haven't hit anything that compares to summertime on any of the forks. My last trip was to the MF and I caught mostly whitefish on a BH Prince.


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hey thanks much for the info guys, i don't feel quite so distraught. i'll keep an eye out for the sun, and otherwise see what i can do through the upcoming 9-month rainy season. probably get busy tying flies for next summer, and see if maybe i can get consistent with the nymphing. i've been avoiding it for the most part, as i like fishing with dries much better (but then most people do i suspect).
see you on the water