NFR 870 vs benelli nova

remington 870 VS. Benelli Nova

  • Remington 870 Express

    Votes: 23 65.7%
  • Benelli Nova

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Josh Brower

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i am looking for a first shotgun, and have come down to the benelli nova, and the remington 870 express. any opinions on either?
thanks for any help. forgot to mention, it will be used for trap and such, no hunting now.


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I've never fired a Benelli Nova, however, I have fired my father's Super Black Eagle and think that it is an awesome semiauto. However, for a first time gun that has 'many' after market options/mods and accessories the 870 is hands down the "Jeep" of Remington Arms in my honest opinion. Want a slug barrel no problem, need chokes no problem, oh crap dropped it in the drink no problem you didn't pay a mint for it!


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I'm kinda old school and can't get past the look of the Nova. If you're not going to beat on up in the field, I'd spend a few more bucks and get a Wingmaster, nicer wood...:thumb:

Funtion wise they both are bomb proof, you'll pass it down to your great grandkids before it wears out...

Josh Brower

AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader
the thing about that, it my mom wouldnt let me get another one later on, but i dont want to save up for another 8 months to get the SBE. i have looked at all of the benelli's and all of the Rem's and the only ones in my range are the nova and the 870 exp. i like the look of the nova's but have heard mixed opinions on them, and the 870 for that matter. no one that i know has the nova, so i cant shoot it, but i have shot the 870. would be nice if somewhere would let you shoot one, but havent found anywhere or anyone that has one yet.


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the only ones in my range are the nova and the 870 exp.
Define your range in dollars. What's the max you can spend on a scattergun? I think you'd be surprised what you can afford.

Tell me your limit and I'll go "shopping" for you...:thumb:

BTW I know you're still at home, so I have to ask how "big" are you? You don't need a youth sized stock, do you?

Josh Brower

AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader
if a 6'2" 215 lb guy needs a youth stock, then yes. so no i do not need a youth stock. my limit is 350, but would like to stay around 300-320. and preferably not a mossberg, heard bad stuff about them.
will ya buy it too? hehe just kidding.
I own an 870 express. Do yourself a favor and find a used 870 Wingmaster instead of the Express. better gun all the way around. Used 870's are very easy to find.

Or............ find yourself a used Beretta A390 or 391. It's a semi auto and will be a great gun for whatever you want to do. Upland, waterfowl, skeet,'ll do it all with ease. It's the 5-weight of shotguns.

Josh Brower

AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader
the beretta's are a little spendy for my budget. i was looking for new, rather make sure there is no problems, and that i have the warrantee just incase.
I own both. 870 Express Super Mag and the Nova.
Get the Nova. It is as indestuctible as a pump gun can be. It can broken down without tools. It has fewer metal parts. You can field strip it and clean the stock/receiver in a dishwasher!
The Rem came from the factory with lousy machine work in the chamber and had to be sent back to Rem for a new bbl. It still jams on occasion due to rough machine work.
The only downside to the Nova is that it looks like something off the set of Planet of the Apes. Trust me, you'll get used to it.:thumb: If you buy a bunch of choke tubes (besides the ones that come w/it) they'll work in your SBE when you upgrade to a semi auto. Stay away form the camo version. The camo stuff desolves easily with some solvents. An added feature of the black model is that all black guns cause severe panty bunching among anti-gunners.
ENJOY! :thumb:


Josh Brower

AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader
roper, i am looking for a new one, rather be 100% sure there is not any problems with it from use, or abuse, and there would be a warrantee on it, if there is a problem with it. i have always liked the nova, bat have been told away from it by alot of people. another thing i like about the nova is that it is chambered in 3-1/2 where the 870 is chambered in 3, so if one day i needed to shoot a 3-1/2" turkey load, i could.
both are great guns for the $$$. if it were me, for whatever it's worth, i'd buy the 870, simply because it's more someone else said, it's the jeep of the shotgun world. if you want to change a stock, go to cabela's and order one...or go anywhere else for that matter. the stock you get is the stock you're stuck with with the nova. barrels, chokes, stocks, etc etc etc are available everywhere for the 870. now...if i was buying one or the other for a specific say i wanted to buy a turkey gun(I do), that will just get used for turkey hunting, i'd buy a benelli supernova with a thumbhole stock and a short rifle-sighted barrel, however versatility goes to the 870 hands down IMO.
you should look at both, handle both and if possible shoot both before you decide. don't decide over the internet.
if i were to guess, the size you're at, either of the 2 will be too short out of the box to fit you properly, but a recoil pad should adress that issue directly. and unless you're an abnormally large 12 year old, you will likely be able to make your own decisions soon on what gun to upgrade to(super black eagle).

Josh Brower

AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader
i am 16. i have handled both, and have shot the 870. i have been trying to find a place, or somone that would let me shoot the nova so that i can see how i like it. i am only going to be using the gun for trap, and in a few years, if i do not the an SBE, maybe duck, grouse, or turkey. i am leaning towards the nova, but have been told to get the 870 numerous times. if the nova had been around as long as the 870 has, i am sure A LOT more people would like it.

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