NFR 870 vs benelli nova

remington 870 VS. Benelli Nova

  • Remington 870 Express

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  • Benelli Nova

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i love the nova...don't get me wrong. i just don't think it's as versatile as the 870. if all's you're going to use it for is trap shooting, then depending on how much you plan on shooting, you may have issues with how long either gun lasts. when i shoot sporting clays, i shoot 300 rounds in a day. over the course of doing this numerous times every weekend, wear and tear will become an issue. the other issue if you plan on shooting it a bunch will be recoil. i know it doesn't kick that bad when you go and shoot 20 or 30 times, but after 100, 200, 300 rounds, it will hurt, trust me. the nova kicks hard, even with the little mercury thing in the stock.


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That's a tough call. I have a Nova and love it, but I can't say that either gun is particularly better than the other. It comes down to aesthetics and how much customization you want to do to it. I like some of the 'tech' features on the Nova such as the shell stop button and recoil reducer-ready stock. Like you mentioned, it also has a 3 1/2" chamber in case you feel like beating yourself up (that's where the recoil reducer comes in).

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josh, that is exactly why i want to find someone that has one, or fine somewhere that will let you shoot it, so i can shoot it ti see what it is like. i have not been able to find a range or like that will let you rent a gun.


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Forget both...after spending a few moments on the Benelli website I think you should go straight to the M4! I'm 31 and had a fleating thought of "hell I should join the Marines...that is a bad ass shotgun!"...then image of Virgil in "Full Metal Jacket" came to mind and then the enevitable getting shot at changed my mind:clown:
i would truly believe that you'd be happy with either gun. pick one and buy it, you won't be sorry. it's a ford versus chevy versus dodge discussion. they're all good for the money. worst case scenario you spend another few bucks on a sims recoil pad to lengthen the pull...not sure if wades in bellevue will let you shoot shotguns indoors but it might be worth a phone call. you can rent and shoot pistols there for sure.


Nice find for 10 minutes...but don't you have to have a Federal license to purchase from or ship to a dealer with a license? to be resold to you? Just curious...
i already called wades and the guy told me they were a pistol only range.
I've bought a shotgun from wades before... one of the worst buying experiences I've ever had...

If you're going to get the 870 Express, just watch the sunday paper ads. They're on sale literally every other week at big 5, joes, etc.

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Yeah, what CWUGirl said about the Express...Or if you fancy the looks of the Wingmaster, give Kesslering's in Burlington a call. If there's a shop around that has a better selection and prices I'm not aware of it. It's worth the drive.


to purchase from Gunbroker all you have to do is win the auction and then have FFL transfer done by a local FFL shop like, Wades, DJ's, etc. They give you a copy of there FFL with either blue or black ink and you mail for fax it.

It will be shipped to the FFL and then after a background check you get your gun minus a FFL transfer fee ($20-35). Really simple and I do it all the time.

Don't be too impartial to buying "used". There are alot of "diamonds" out there as far as used prices are concerned. I bought my 870 express for a whopping $20.00 just because the orginal owner didn't like shooting a pump and bought himself an 1187.

It's not too tough to establish whether or not a particular gun that you're looking at is in bad shape. I'm not trying to sway you one way or the other, but just keep an open mind to either type of sale...

from a die-hard Remington supporter

Salmon, Trout, Steelheader, Don't overlook the opportunities to buy used 870's. There are alot of very clean 870's available for under $300. One great place to look for used guns is DJ's in Bothell. They will negotiate the price. As for your choice of the Nova vs. the 870: I own a number of shotguns, m12's, Browning o/u and sxs, Beretta o/u and several 870's. I have hunted with an 870 for over 30 years. The 870 is my day in day out, go to shotgun. I hunt mostly waterfowl, but used one for pheasants for years. The 870 is dependable, easy to use, easy to get parts for (if you should ever need any. I've only had to replace one firing pin in these 36 years.) I am so confident and loyal to the 870, that I've bought 4 of my 5 sons (when they turned 12) an 870 Wingmaster for their first shotgun. The one who didn't get an 870, got an Ithaca M37, because he's left-handed. As others have said, Buy the 870 Wingmaster, not the Express. Better gun, better looks. A good clean used one for $300 is an easy find. Keep it cleaned and oiled, it will come up shooting evey time. Clean it when you're done using it, don't abuse it and let it pit and rust. I hate to see one of these great shooting machines abused. But, to each his own. As for chambering, 3" is plenty. If you can't kill with 2 3/4" or 3" ammo, 3 1/2" shells aren't going to help you. I only shoot 2 3/4" 1oz. or 1 1/8 oz. Steel #2's for ducks. I have used this load since steel shot became required for waterfowl hunting. Back in the day, when lead shot was legal, I used 2 3/4" 1 1/4 oz. #4 or #5 for ducks, #2's for geese, and 1 oz. or 1 1/8 oz. of #6 for pheasants and pigeons, #8 for grouse. This is all I've ever used or needed for 36 years.
As for Novas, If you like plastic, then buy one. Good luck. And by the way, you might enjoy, over there I go by dekecarver.

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