Upper part of middle fork?

I recently headed for the upper part of the middle fork snoqualmie for the first time. I've fished the area where Mt. Si road crosses it in North Bend with great success, but when I followed Mt Si road further to get to the upper parts of the river (up to Taylor river, etc.), I found a maze of rough roads, NO TRESSPASSING and PRIVATE PROPERTY signs.

Could I get some help in how to access these waters?

Also, I'm out of work right now, so if anyone wants to head out fishing for a day anywhere in the area, I'm game...


Chris Scoones

Staff member
I have to be little cautious here as I'm not suggesting you trespass but many of those signs are there to stop the keg parties & 4x4's. Anglers historically on that stretch have used some private property to gain access but over the last 15 years the signs have popped up more and more. Use good judgement and if in doubt, head up above the first bridge to what is mostly public land.

Above the bridge there is nice water which in most areas requires hiking in. It's one of those places your just going to have to explore to find the good water. Just ensure this time of year to bring a good flashlight. The sun sets behind the peaks early and gets dark quick. Your hike out could get a little interesting if your not prepared.


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