31st Port Townsend Wooden Boat fest sept 7-9

Bob Triggs

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31st Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival September 7,8,9 2001
Port Townsend WA


What may make this appealing to many WFF members and visitors is that this year author Roger Fletcher will be featured at the Festival; demonstrating many of the same techniques for Wooden Drift Boat and River Dory building that he has outlined in his new book on the subject. Several regional drift boat building experts will be on hand to support the demonstrations and displays. There have been a few people on the Washington Fly Fishing site who have expressed an interest in building their own Drift Boats or Dorys, or other fishing boats, and a notable few have shared their projects online here. If you are at all interested in building your own watercraft for flyfishing, be it a pram or a skiff or a dory, then this is really the Woodstock of Wooden Boats, and one can learn a great deal about the process, get ideas, see finished boats and works in progress.


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Been wanting to make to the WB show in PT for years, - maybe next year if I FINALLY finish my long time project.

My 17.5' V-hull skiff which I plan to finish as a center console. Sort of my version of a Whaler Montauk (a lean, mean FF'ing machine!):



I grew up in Port Townsend and used to go to this every year, it's a damm good time and there are some SWEET boats that will be there. Check it out if you're around town.

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