Drift boat anchors

I'm going to add a Hyde type Ez-pull anchor assembly to my Koffler. How much rope are people using with this system - a full 100'

The double pulley system will use effectively twice the anchor line. A 100' line would give you a 50' drop, minus whatever length is used inside the boat.


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The e-z pull anchor system is a must when hauling a lot of pounds of stopping and staying power. We use both the 30 pound spike anchor with 20 more pounds of chain "draped" around it. Go to Home Depot, measure out 5 pound lengths, link em with a big "eye" and drape it on the anchor eye. Overkill? You try stopping an alum drift boat going 7 mph loaded with anglers, gear, coolers, motors, gas, food etc etc and make a full stop!

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An old guy once told me that when he guides clients in Wyoming he got tired of losing and buying new anchors, so he started carrying a reinforced net bag and filling it with rock. He could dump them when he didn't need them any more, or add to them when he needed more weight. I don't know how well the method work for him, but I tried it on a smaller scale with my V-boat and it worked great.
Any of you ever try this?:)
I made my chain anchor by lacing loops of chain over a long eye bolt and securing it with locknuts. I'm not sure how much my anchor weighs, but I made a smaller one that I add when I need more weight.


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That's essentially the way I built mine; a long eyebolt with a large washer and a locknut. Fortunately I was able to find a couple of sets of old tire chains for virtually nothing and then added a broken truck tire chain picked up along the road after a snowstorm.

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For my Don Hill mini-drifter, I wrapped a bunch of old chain I had lyin' around the garage thru the hole (and knotted all around) an old steel adz head I scrounged from another corner of the garage, and ended up with a nice 15# glob of steel that holds this light craft in most places I want to anchor.

SAK you crack me up with that 8 HP Merc on the driftboat. Is that a 4-stroke?


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Rather than spending the $30 or whatever Hyde is charging for their EZ pull system, go to REI and get a Caribeener and a climbing pulley. There the only two components of the system and will cost you a fraction of the price. I had the system on my boat, lost a piece and found this a much easier and cost effective way to replace it.

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