WDFW Steelhead Plan Heads Up!

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!

Some how this is the one announcement from wdfw that did not make it into my mailbox as all of the others do. :confused:

See the Wild Steelhead Coalition webpages for some guidence on comments.


also see www.fedflyfishers.org Go to Conservation and Click on Osprey. A recent article there by Dick Burge of The Wild Steelhead Coalition outlines some concerns over the plan, and some suggestions.

Believe it or not your testimony could have a tremendous impact as, generally speaking, turn-out has been pitifully low for the public meetings on the WDFW's DEIS for their Wild Steelhead Management Plan. Truly- your comments now could make a positive change for Wild Steelhead in Washington.

Note that a fax to the indicated phone number or real paper letter- "to the the SEPA/NEPA Coordinator" is required. No emails.