Area 9 8/31


Left handed Gemini.
Got to the beach at first light, only one other guy on the beach sweet, started casting away with a small pink clouser without any action for the first hour except 2 trout sized salmon which hey its a fish so I held out hope for better things to come. Over the last week its been really hit or miss Sunday I did very well, caught 5 large silvers LDRed about that many more and missed a bunch of hits, 2 days later I only caught a couple and day before yesterday I caught 1. I was guessing with the full moon and bright sun that the fish were either feeding at night or were staying out in the deeper water or worse yet gone on their way. So back to today I was hoping that maybe things would get better on the turn but I was starting to think that maybe I should have gone somewhere else when the other guy gets into a fish wouldn't you know it, things were looking up though. I cast about 6 more times and bam I was into a fish turned out to be a nice 5 pounder, hatchery, bonked for dinner. I kept casting and soon was into another, LDR but the bite was on, I missed the next 2 hits and then another LDR, got another hit right as my fly touched the water nice fish maybe 7 pounds yes another bonk was in order, I told my neighbors I would give them one, I kept fishing you are allowed 2 additional pinks so I was legal I caught another smaller silver, released, and then a really nice 8 to 10 pound male slamed into my fly once again just as it touched down, big strong fish that really fought well, released, man I was in heaven, things slowed after that a few more people showed up and I saw 3 fish caught, one that should have been bonked but wasn't it was a pink the guy was trying to take a picture of his friend with it and the friend kept dropping it on the beach over and over, it really sucked probable survival zip. I decided to try a popper I've been using one every time I go out and I do get follows swirls and missed takes but the learning curve is rough I've yet to get a hookup today I got a few nice follows a couple of takes but misses and one take that held on but wasn't hooked, it was pretty cool, the popper head has teeth marks on it. I cast for a while longer but the bite was over so I headed home.

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