Bush Point - Whidbey : Beware

Fished there Friday morning.

Arrived to find over 100 gear chuckers strung out on the beach to the north as far as the eye could see. Now I am not averse to this - God knows I have fished Dash and Browns point enough to happily coexist. But this was a TON OF GUYS. I had to walk about 20 minutes just to get past the crowd to find a semi-open spot. There were a good number of fish caught (none by me) so it's good fishing, but it's a bit of a shock to show up and see THAT MANY PEOPLE.


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I feel your pain. I was up there on Wednesday for the high tide and was also appalled by the heinous numbers. I posted that in another thread. Fortunately, I was only there because Margaret was visiting one of her sisters, who lives in Greenbank. I just hope you didn't drive up there for that reason only. Well, I supposed you must have, as you braved the 20 minute hike to find your spot. You pretty much have to get there a couple of hours early to stake out your spot. I just gave up and fished Lone Lake from the shore. No skunk there for me.

In the future, should I ever become so bold as to try the Whidbey beaches again, I think I'd look for a weekday very-early morning high tide to fish. The big hassle with that would be having to catch one of the one-to-two-hours-before-dawn ferrys. We're talking serious pre-planning. That's brutal when there are surely other beaches to be had that are less crowded and closer.

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