BC Report

Day 1

I arrived in Terrice with the greatest of spirits. I was about to fish my favorite waters and hopefully land a chrome bright 40" fish. I touched down @ 1 pm and was greeted by the lodge manager Chad. We were off to the lodge to get licenses taken care of then we would fish for a time on the Skeena.

Chad dropped me off with several of the guests to a place called Ferry Island. There was 10" of visibility. My spirits were low. I fished hard that evening and managed a Sokeye and a few pinks.

Day 2

The water had dropped over night and it was time to fish the Copper. My fishing guide was Jeff and my fishing partner was Ed, we left quickly to get to the stream.

We arrived at the 32 k pool to find it occupied by a tall Nazi looking German who spoke broken English and treated steelhead like the carp he was used to catching. So Jeff sugested I fish a deep pool to get some salmon. The fist cast was into the head of the pool in a few inches of water. The second I came tight I was on to a nice dolly. Second cast resulted in a 30 pound dark chinook that took a few minutes to land. Third cast was a coho hook up that lasted but a few head shakes. We then left to find some steelhead. To sum up the day I hooked 2 (a big hen and a big buck)and had a small on chase the fly to my feet.

Day 3

Lower Skeena, Tons of pinks. Blown out

Day 4

Copper, NO FISH, Blown out

Day 5

I was set to fish with Susan and Greg (our guide) on the lower Skeena. Greg felt the only way to get a fish was with heavy tips and swing on one bar all day. The fishing was boring, but Susan (the host of our trips GF) and I were willing to fish this way. The fishing soon proved to be worth it. I landed my limit of Sokeye in 20 minutes, caught more pinks than I could handle and hooked some of the hottest steelhead of my life. I managed to beach a 14 pound buck and a 12 pound buck. It was a rather impressive day.

Day 6

This day I fished with Butch and Cam. Cam our guide was a active happy Canadian who loved to fish. Butch was a savy, at times, obnoxious salmon angler from NJ. Butch had yet to hook a steelhead that trip so he came with me. On my first cast I got worked by a huge Chum. My guess is that the fish went 20 or more pounds. I must first exspain the runs make up. The head of the run was a nice drop that had quick current all the way through it. at the end was a small side channel followed by a deep slough. Past the slough was a huge log jam. To land a fish you HAD to beat him in the slough or side channel. My chum went bye bye and I made the call to save my fly line. Once I made it back to the top of the run I started to wack pinks and sockeys on nearly every cast. After a hour or so of wacking salmon I hit my first steelhead of the day. A dime bright hen that took me into the baking upstream while jumping the whole way. I beat her in about ten minutes and began catching more salmon.
At noon I hooked something big. It shook his head and stayed deep. This lasted for about 10 minutes. Then he Jumped. Cam streamed bloody murder as the fish began running down stream. At this point I didnt realize that I wasnt a Chinook, This was a huge steelhead. Somehow the fish just made short runs up and down the bar for the next 5 minutes. Then something changed he freaked when he heard the jet boat start up. He started tailwalking downs stream and taking my line with him. After a solid 2 minute run I was in the boat with 10 turns of backing. We saw him jump one last time, Then it all went slack...
I got a few more fish that day but I was still bitter about that one.

In closing the fishing was action packed and I will be back there this spring.
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