Sage 5Wght 9ft 3pc Questions

Sage SP 5Wght 9ft 3pc Questions

Hey Guys,

Way back in 2000 I bought a Sage SP 5Wght 9ft 3pc blank. For a number of reasons I never got around to building the rod, mostly lazziness. I am looking to finally build this rod up and would really like to make it as sweet as possible. This will be my first rod build so any recomendations would be awesome.

What tools do you guys recomend? ex. type of rod wrapper.
What thread colors/color combo's look good with the green blank?
What type of guides do you recomend?
What reel seat and cork do you guys like to use?

I plan on building more rods in the future and am wondering if I should buil my first rod on a cheaper blank.

Thanks for the help,


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I just finished my second build, with plans for at least 2 more. I would wholely recommend building up something a little less spectular for you first attempt. Try a few things on a cheap blank, learn how to wrap well and tight. Acquire or built the tools you find yourself wishing for during this first rod, it'll make that Sage go together so much easier.
I used a cheap Cabela's kit for my first rod. I took about 3 weeks all said and done. Built a beautiful hand wrapping bench (PM me if anyone wants plans), and acquired a drying motor. The second rod, a much nicer 7wt. went together in about 4 days, start to finish. Its not perfect, but it did land a nice 5lb. Deer Creek fish last weekend on the NF Stilly.
Get a couple of books, and read them BEFORE you start. Talk to some rod builders (professionals) they're usually willing to help out, or offer suggestions. They too are a great resource for components.
Other than that, it just comes down to trial and error. There is a lot of info on this board, and some others. Just ask questions when you have them.
Yeah, I would definitely recommend building at least one rod before you throw down on an expensive blank. The good thing is that a cheap kit yields a pretty decent rod. So look at it as a way to expand your arsenal.

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Hey Josh. Though I have never cast an SP I have certainly read my share of praises for those rods. Im sure alot of builders would love to get there hands on that blank you have. I think you should try a cheaper kit first just to get the feel of building. If you take your time and follow the steps it can be a fairly easy process but there always seems to be something that comes up in a rod build, some more disastrous than others. Do a cheaper kit so you get a feel for wraps and finishing and just finding out what processes work best for you. My first build was with a Cabelas PT kit and I was happy with how it came out and really like the rod, but I learned a few things to help improve the next rod and so on and so on. Have fun with that SP build, should be a great project and good luck. Kevin

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Hi, Josh. You don't need anything too fancy, and you don't need a motorized rod wrapper or drier. If you take an old copy paper box (or something along that size - I've been using the box from a half-rack of Sierra Nevada), and cut one of the short sides down, putting a couple of grooves in the top of the box for the rod to sit, you have a cheap and easy wrapping rig, when combined with a bobbin.

I would recommend getting a Batson blank for a first build - they make a real sweet 6'6" 4pc 2wt that is perfect for those backpacking or hiking trips to alpine lakes, and it's cheap - I think right around $30 or a bit less.

For cork and guides, there are a lot of good options - if you decide to do a practice build, I wouldn't bother with really nice components for that. For that Sage, I would go with nice cork and guides - I am big fan of the Batson TiCh guides...and a super-grade grip would do you well.

As for thread, forest green with color preserver applied would look very nice - particularly with gold or silver trim bands. Good luck with the build - and please post pictures when you get it done!

Jake Smulkowski

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Meh, after looking at an SP again, it is darker than I had recalled...I like the contrast of similar colors, but forest green might be a bit too close.