Seeking Salmon advice now that the pinks are done?

As a newbe to the forum I figure I would break the ice and see if anyone out there has been as frustrated as me seeing all the silvers swim past their fly all day long. As a fairly new fly fisherman I figured out how to the catch pinks on the Stilly and the Sky and I was loving it. I was even eyeing a new rod and really getting pumped about Salmon fishing after I caught 10 Pinks in 3 hours on the Stilly in early October (I learned to tie a special fly that just nails 'em). Now that the Pinks are done, I have been throwing everything in my fly box at the Silvers with no avail. Do I need to wait until the Chums or the winter steelhead to start showing up? I have the feeling that the Silvers either require a lot more special knowledge that I don't have, or they are just on/off with the bite and I have only hit the off days. Any advice?


Sorry, friend, as a newcomer I don't have any advice to give you (I'll lay back and await the answers with you). But on the Pinks, them suckers still cutting up big on the upper Skagit. I just sat down with a cup of coffee after walking back from the river - pinks all over the place. Seeing such numbers is electrifying...



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Silvers will take a pink fly fished dead and then swung to them. I use a Estaz bugger and have had some success. Maraboo's will work as well. The humpies are still on in the N. Stilly after the rain lots of freshies and some really moldy looking ones too.
Thanks, I will have to try the Stilly again and see what happens now that the rain is sending new fish up. I just tied some new pink Estaz marabou flys as well as some special mylar flys that do well on SRC and I like fishing the north fork because the spin casters are not clogging up all the holes (at least until December)

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