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My wife was looking at the home page here and liked the reindeer fly featured. Does anyone have a pattern that would help me tie one like it. I'm thinking of giving her one as an ornament for the tree. I've tied a "mouse" fly that she thinks is "cute". I'm dieing to try at Dry Falls on some big browns that I've heard feed on them at night. Any cute animal fly patterns would help.
I apologize for not viewing this pattern while I type this, but based on my memory, this is more of a creation than a tie. If the original inventor of this pattern wants to chime in, please do so as I mean no disrespect for posting what I remember as a possible recipe for this pattern.

If I were to tie this fun creation, I would go an buy a red pom pom for the "Rudolph" nose, a larger brown pom pom for the head and a larger pom pom for the body. The body and head pom pom could be threaded on the size 1/0 to 2/0 Alec Jackson hook, while the nose, could be hot glued. Doll eyes for the eyes, chimmney cleaners for the antlers and a white pom pom for the tail. Again, I have seen this fly a few times on this site and never studied this pattern, but that would be my guess. Have fun with it and let no limitations restrict you from creative thought. PM me if you need help.

Grand Ronde Rudy was tied by Jesse Clark for the Annual Christmas Tying Contest that was part of the Marathon Swap. He also did a Fly of the Week with complete materials list and tying directions here

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really made my day!!! I'm going to tie a few of these. I appreciate what you've done for me.:beer2::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:


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I believe I saw an article in last years winter edition of "Fly Tyer" magazine by the originator with steps on tying, if its any help.
Grande Ronde Rudy is a fly that I tied for a Christmas fly swap that Ron Eagle Elk was hosting. I had been tying Muddlers for Steelhead fishing on the Grande Ronde and thought maybe I could adapt it to a Christmas pattern.
There are some pictures of it in my gallery.
I did a amateur pictorial for another board (FAOL) for the fly of the week last year. I have a couple of Rudy's hanging on the wall of my tying area.
I had only been tying for about 6 months at the eime so I am pretty proud of the fly.
P.S. That wasn't Rudy in the magazine, he is not that famous.