Sendai, Japan

I will be moving there in about two weeks. Does any one have any info about fishing opportunities there? I'm bringing my 5 wieght with me. Any info would be very helpful.


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What a terrific website is! I scrolled down to The Japan Fly Fishers link. They have a jpeg contest and there are some really nice photos, particularly #7. The fish aren't big, but like all trout, are beautiful.

Thanks for turning me on to them. I'll be checking them all out!


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
This is a great site. One of my favorites. It's got everything. Don't miss the folding fish. They print very well if you use high quality paper and printer settings. My daughter put them all together and hung them in her room at about head hieght so you have to swim through the school. Someone else on this site posted the link a month or two ago as a diversion from fishless rivers.