Any pinks left in salt?


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Does anyone still see large numbers of Pinks in the salt or are the days of seeing fining fish over. If the pinks are gone are the silvers running strong or are they up the rivers also. I’m new to this and would appreciate the feed back. If the silvers are in the rivers do you still go with green flies like in the salt or do you use something different?
In my opinion the pink run is done. There are still a few left (I caught one Friday) but the big numbers are definietely in the rear view mirror. Silvers are still around in good numbers.

I Don't know anything about fishing for salmon in fresh water, flies, etc.

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Caught one Pink Thursday from Seattle beach. Do Silvers even exist for Seattle area beach FF? Based on my catch rate I wouldn't think so.

I have seen others catch a pink here and there this past Sat. but nothing like the reports of people catching left and right at beaches North and South of Seattle a few weeks ago. Good luck.
Oh they are still a few pinks out there in the salt but their numbers are definitely way, way down from a couple of weeks ago, but we did manage to catch a few over the weekend down on the beach.

I saw tons of pinks being caught in the Sky on Sunday afternoon. You would have much better odds in the rivers now.

found an endless school(s) of pinks off a beach in the north sound on saturday... couple of hours and 20 or so fish hooked. three fly guys and an army of buzz bombers (all really nice kewl guys).

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