Beaches to fish near Port Hadlock?

Dan Cuomo

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I'm at a conference in Port Hadlock for the next three days, and I've got my salt outfit. Any suggestions as to where to fish and what to use are much appreciated. I'm not afraid to get out early and/or stay out late. I just want to fish! Thanks, Dan
Ft. Flagler is more scenic. Beach is fairly low gradient within casting range so leave the type 3 and above at home. Work up and down the beach - look for bait and gull action. I prefer a larger herring patterns, and it can be a good area for surface flies such as a popper if the wind dies down. Evening and AM good time to hit it.

Dan Cuomo

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Thanks so much. Your beta is/was much appreciated. I hit the lighthouse at Flaggler. Beautiful spot to wet a line. The fishing was slow this evening, but I'm heading back there early tomorrow.

Thanks, Dan
Try the lighthouse at Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island....or Pt Wilson lighthouse at Fort Ward at Port Townsend.
Yea my father works at the beach at Fort Flagler. Lots of people fish that with buzz bombs. I've landed a couple salmon there. I actually used to live on Marrowstone. To the south of the bridge by the navy base is a good spot for searun cuts when the tide is going out. Fish a streamer pattern.
I fished there years ago...I prefered the out tide under the Bridge at Indian Island...Lower Hadlock had a great restaurant called the Ajex....Was great many years ago..I think is still in Business....There is a Fly shop in Port Towsend---you may want to call or contact Leland Miyawaki on this page somewhere. I"m sure he can tell you what to do and when to do it...He knows almost everything in the Great Northwest as well as other places everywhere...Good Luck...I hope this helps.....I'm on my way to Seaside, Ore. for some real Coho. on the Coast and no crowds.


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I fished Marrowstone and the area under the bridge referenced above about a week ago. It was very slow in both places.

The water by the bridge had big current with some nice riffles developing off to the side as the tide came in. There were some small cutts working the riffles but no signs of anything else.

Dan Cuomo

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Went down to a beach close to town this evening - based on a PM from another generous Washington Fly Fisher - and had a really nice night.
Walked down to the mouth of a creek, or what I thought was the mouth, and within 10 minutes a couple of woman came down and informed me that I was fishing in a closed area close to the creek. I moved back down the beach and the all was well. Not much surface activity at all, but a beautiful evening to be out on the water working on my double haul. My persistance paid off when I got slammed by a beautiful SRC. He ran hard and cleared the water a few times befoe coming to hand. He was about 18 inches and heavy bodied. A beautiful fish, hooked cleanly in the corner of the mouth making for a nice easy release. I'm going back in the early morning. Thanks again to all those who suggested local spots to hit.

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