Let the season begin!

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
Well I went out to one of the local streams and gave it a shot at chasing up some Septemeber metal. The first day I was working trout in the 12"-15" range, spotted a couple of buck chinook and spooked one steelhead out of the last hole I fished. A lot of fun, but I needed changeup!

So I went back the next day with one of my daughters (age 6). We assailed the trout again, but this time we also found a nice, bright 22" hen. Once I get a card reader for my mini-SD I'll post the picture of my little angel holding our "monster." I told her she is my lucky charm.

God I love the fall...it'll just keep getting better :thumb:


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