Naknek River, Alaska


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Naknek River Rainbows are as much steelhead as great lakes "steelhead" are... Either way Alaskan resident fish will know the socks off any steelhead I've ever caught...

Yea those cubs have grown... They grow up so fast *sniff*

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What a fantastic trip! I love it up there.

I worked in South Naknek for one summer in a fillet/roe plant there until i moved out onto a tender to cook for a guy who got all broken up on a quad on the way back from the bar.


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Nice report Salmo! Thanks for sharing.

AK, nice pic of the bear and her cubs! I know it Alaska and they're all over, but it's awesome to see!



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Feather Flinger,

Blue Fly B&B and guide. Yes, I'd do it again. There's only one motel left in King Salmon, the other having burned down last year. So there's not a lot of choices of place to stay or eat (2 restaurants and neither being particularly good). The B&B is a nice place to stay and far cheaper than the lodges upriver. You need a boat for river access. Patricia has a good sled, and she knows the river as well as anyone and better than most.

The only problem with a Sept or Oct trip to Alaska is that the weather is such a crap shoot. With the higher airfares this year, I'm less certain about rolling those dice.