Wallowa Lake

Jon Brengan

flyfishing addict
Just got back from vacation, had a great visit to E. Oregon. I hadn't been down that way in a while, we were in the motorhome so I wasn't able to fish the wallowa river or the Minum(sp) river either, locals had told us that these were fishing fairly well. We had a great time up at the lake, didn't take a tube, but caught some nice bluebacks from the inlet area. There were kokoney's spawning up in the creeks, pretty cool, they look like miniture sockeyes. Literally thousands of them. Very beautiful area.
Now its back to the grind and another quarter of night school.
Tight lines,
Thanks for the report.
I haven't been to Wallowa lake in over 30 years.
Cool to know the little kokonee are doing well, I could set a watch them for hours.
Thanks again for bring back some good memories.
Hey were there any big mule deer bucks in the state park? They were cool, eating potato chips out of kids hands.

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