Tonight... a Steelhead tried to kill me.


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Itch - Yeah I thought about it. If the steelhead had got him it wouldn't have been all that pretty a might look somewhat like this:

(Coroner Jose Rodriguez is called out to see Backyard's body and the still alive Steelhead attached at the end of the line. His trusty sidekick Stevie rifles through Backyard's pockets and find letters from Zen Piscator, full of tender sentiments. The grizzled old Detective Patch Lewis puts out an APB for Zen, and when they load up the body into their truck, Stevie notices Backyard's arms are getting hairy, before his very eyes. JUst as they slide his feet into the freezer, Backyard snaps his eyes open and Grabs Stevie's arm, and opens his mouth showing a nasty pair of Sasquatch teeth, says "Where's Zen" and leaps out of the truck and runs away into the wilderness, hooting like Jason Decker on whatever's pissing him off this week. Detective Lewis overhears the now Zombiefied Backyard's question and says, watching Backyard disappear into the scrub, "Yeah that's what I want to know too, where's Zen" Meanwhile Mingo steps out of the bushes and says, "if you want to find Zen, all you have to do is ask his Mom..." Meanwhile Alpine trout's in the background, looking at the fish, muttering to himself: "I've almost been killed by fish way bigger than this, Backyard is, or should I say was, such as pussy" )

But I don't know Backyard, Zen, Zen's Mom, Jason Decker, Alpine Trout or Mingo. I don't need more enemies... and well I think Backyard told his story about as well as anyone could, in fact, I'd love to hear more, not more "I just almost got killed by a (insert one of the following: star-headed topminnow, sculpin, sea-bound smolt, girl from Spanaway...)" but more about this particular story

The original story was good... I think this was better. A mini-WFF Roast.
Please don't ever go fishing while sick again. I don't need to attend a funeral for my decapitated boyfriend who was murdered by a steelhead. :beathead:

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