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I need a book to read on our flight(s) and was curious what the best overall steelhead book would be. I want a book that has pictures, diagrams, thoughts, techniques, and overall ways to fish for steelies. Maybe a book that combined all aspects of steelheading including wet and dry, sink and float, ect...

Or maybe your best trout techniques book would be good too....I am not very good at stillwater so maybe I should be reading up on this type of fishing?? I just need something to read and cant find anything at the local shop that looks good??? :hmmm


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Steelhead Flyfishing - Trey Combs
Steelhead Water - Bob Arnold
Steelhead and the Floating Line -- Bob Arnold

You can't go wrong with these three.


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The best fishing book I've read in the last 10 years is Gary LaFontaines "fishing the high mountain lakes". It would be perfect for a plane ride. Full of, but not just about techniques. Incredibly entertaining, and it'll make you appreciate who he was all the more. It almost makes you cry to think that in his last years he couldn't make the mountain treks...

Also check out Prospecting for trout by Rosenbauer. It's very interesting (and opinionated), and you will definitely pick up 10 to 15 tricks at a minimum that you will try when the chips are down.


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Prospecting for trout is the current read I have....good book and definately one that I have learned from. Although I find it hard to read through the winter and then try to apply the techniques you learned months later...I tend to forget them after time unless I use them right away and get accustomed. So I will be reading it again this summer. :thumb

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

What do you mean read. You are asking for a book with pictures and diagrams. So If you can't read how about something like a "See Spot Run" so's you can learn how to read.:p .

Trey Combs has a book called Steelhead Something or other(I forgot the name) This is what happens when you get older:bawling . I better quit now as I don't want to over tax my brain:beathead :beathead

Have a good flight.:thumb


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