Locating grouse by satellite...


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Well, let me explain.

A year ago I was headed towards my in-laws at Thanksgiving. A few days before I left I decided to look at the Gazetter to look for some possible hunting grounds. They live just over the Idaho border at the south end of Lake Coer-d-Alene. My map showed a few spots just south of Fairfield that might work but I wasn't certain of the type of cover. So I turned to Terraserver and zeroed in on the knoll that I wanted to hunt. At maximum zoom I switched to satellite view and could easily tell the knoll was heavily forested, Great!

That first year only yielded a flush of two very fast birds. No shots.

Last weekend I went over for a visit and ducked out for a few hours. I headed for that same knoll and hit the same covert. I flushed two again and the second one didn't get away.

So, find the covert and you'll likely find the birds...:thumb:

Swing fast and you may just bag one...:thumb:

Kaari White

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I thougt you were supposed to log into an online forum and ask other people where to go. Geeze, using maps and doing research, what's that all about?
On other websites I've seen hero shots of piles of ducks with the background photoshopped out so that it was impossible for the internet scouts to figure out.


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Ironically I've been using Google Earth for the same reasons! However my exploits have been less fruitfull.

Are you also on some "upland hunter" forum...anyway came across a post about 16 ga. vs. 12 ga. vs. 20.

I might need some help from you 'east siders' (CWUgirl, Roper, etc) beyond google earth...my wife is taking her oral exams at EWU and I'm thinking this is the perfect oportunity to do some eastside wing shooting!

Lastly - is that a Browning BPS?



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Andrew, Yes I frequent an "upland journal" website and bulletin board.;) Yes, that's a BPS in 16 gauge.:thumb:

Cheney is not an area that I have hunted, but I'll do some checking and see what I find out...

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