Sad showing on Icicle River

Well the fish are safe on the icicle. I stayed at the KOA in Leavenworth right next to the Wenatchee River, CLOSED. I want to just catch and release, so why is the river closed to me or you or any of us if we are vowing to C&R? aAnyway I had a goodtime getting to the Icicle and met a few anglers along the way. They were at the first Parking area and were about to head down a small goat path on a very steep cliffd went further in to the second camp. I payed $3.00 for a day pass and went into action, I used and bullwhipped a nyph and got a small stike on a Adams. My wife cheered me on and took some pic's but alas the fish are safe but wait till the next time. PS KOA is the only way Thanks to thier hospitality
The Wenatchee is unfortunatley home to two endangered species (steelhead and chinook) and one Threatened species (bull trout). They are all in the river now, some spawning, so the river is closed to protect them. Usually it is against the law to get within 100 feet of an animal listed as Endangered (considered "harassment," illegal under the ESA), so even C&R would be problematic under the law. Actually I'm surprised Icicle was open. I'm sure it was if you saw aother anglers. Were you fishing above the "barrier" falls a mile or so above the hatchery at Leavenworth? Just curious.
New2-Hi Sorry about the lack of success on the Icicle. Was just wondering about the conditions when you were there, water levels, and temps. If I remember correct it was pretty cold. Fish can become inactive and not feed when there's a cold snap. Usually my best dry fly fishing happens late in the day when the water temps have risen a bit and insect activity is up. Was the area as beautiful as I remember? All tellers of fishing tales are even skunked occasionally. I've found it happens to me most often when I'm on new waters, or if I'm trying to make it fun for someone else, like my wife. Must be some kind of learning curve there somewhere.:AA Better luck next time - Flyfisher Frank

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