Dry Falls?

I'm heading for Dry Falls next month. Does anyone have a report or any info on best times, best flies, best presentation. You know, all the best etc information. I've been saving up for this trip for almost a year, and I really don't want to waste my $efforts$ if ya know what I mean.
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Well, anyone with the name "Lotech Joe" must be a swell dude. As far as info, hard to say as of yet, it's still closed, but I would assume chronomids, leeches, etc. We have a WFF.com group going over their in april(I think :dunno ). Why don't you hook up with us and learn some things. Or not. You decide. YT:smokin
Could you post when you guys are heading over to Dry Falls? I would like to make a trip over there and maybe meet some of you guys.

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I don't fish it that often, and I bet there are others on the board that do, but I've been there in April a couple of times and the most productive flies were chironomids and midge emerger and dry patterns. A big section of the lake is fairly shallow, and you don't need a long leader to fish the chironomids. The other end of the lake is deep, and to fish the chironomids you need a longer leader. I know there are other hatches there and that some people do well on damsel nymphs and woolly buggers - I've just never hit any hatches other than midges during that time of the year and haven't had any luck with damsel nymphs. On the chironomids, you need to bring a wide variety of sizes (including very small) and colors, including some tied in bright, flashy greens or reds, and other more muted olives, blacks, and browns, because it seems as though color and size can be very important on this lake and what you catch them on one day may not get a sniff another day.
I'm planning on being there April 19th in the AM. Look for a big guy with a white Ford PU, and a blue pontoon boat. I'll be the guy that looks like he's confused, with magnifying optics on the bill of his hat. I was there last year, and saw people catching fish all around me. I never had a single hook-up. I'm taking Beaded Pheasant Tail Nymphs from #16 to #20. I'm also taking black and olive ribbed midges so small, #20 to #24, that I can't hardly see them without optics. If you see me, come say hi. We'll wet a line together, and maybe learn something from each other.
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Lowtech Guide to Dry Falls

I just bought a copy of Northwest flyfishing magazine with a full article on dry falls lake...

No doubt the crowds will be double with this complete guide to dry falls in print...

GO BUY A COPY!:professor

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Since last year was the first year it was open in April, I'm not sure that anyone knows what will "typically" work best, but I can tell you what worked in the middle of April last year.

Try fishing chironomids pupa imitations #16-18 (color didn't really seem to matter) on a floating line and a leader long enough to get you near the bottom. Over on the deep end that means +/- 20, yes 20, feet. The strikes tend to be subtle, so a strike indicator will increase your hook-ups dramatically. Last year we each had a 20+ fish day, including a brown I landed that was around 24" and must have weighed 6 pounds. It's gut was bigger than mine.

I also saw a guy who was doing very well trolling a big, black leech on a sinking line. Hope this helps.

I'll also be over there on the 19th - I had independently planned my trip earlier this year. Sounds like there will be no shortage of people...
Lowtech Guide to Dry Falls

That's too bad. Maybe if we let ESPN know about it, we wouldn't need to take floatation. We could just walk across the camera barges to our favorite hole.
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