Favorite Pic

Taken from 9,440 ft on Mt Adams. Mt St Helens in the distance. Still climbing Mtns at 62.

I climbed the ridge just across from Big Horn on the Yakima on Saturday. Watched a bunch of guys floating the river.

It's a beautiful little climb if you ever need to stretch your legs and enjoy some scenery for an hour or so.


Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
Great pics. Thanks for enriching my life and helping me set some long term goals of places to visit/climb. I dont tell people I appreciate little things (like pictures) nearly enough.

Will Atlas

great pics guys, I'll have to post a couple of my favorites from this fall when I get home today. That black and white one of the north cascades is amazing. reminds me of ansel adams
Looks like we have the makings for a pretty cool calendar with all these nice shots. Of course I'm not volunteering to do the work.
A couple pics. One is an hour after sunset during a hatch, when the moon came over the moutain top and it was fricken daylight again on the Provo, in Utah. The other is mt Hood.


I use Image Shack... HOW are you guys posting large pictures on this site???
Mine come out as thumb nails
you need to have a hosting service (aka uploader) that allows more bandwidth. I use googlepages. google gives you a ton of hosting for free. You could also host them on a website or server that you own.