Skookum Steelheader II

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Skookum Steelheader II with trailer. Boat is in excellent condition. Trailer has new wiring for the lights.
Will fit a moped on the trailer also so you don't need to bring a different turn around rig.

7.5' Cataract oars, K-pump, foot pump, side bags, anchor system with top of the line pulleys.

I've owned a few different pontoons and this one is bulletproof. Only used 12 or so times.

Any questions feel free to call or email. Would be willing to demo for serious inquiries.

$2,100 obo

206 713 8879


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I'm surprised nobody has jumped on this. That is a hell of a good deal. If I didn't have my raft it would be gone by now.


Watching these boats for the past 3-4 years they never even lasted a day at $2500. But, I do know it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. Mabye I'll throw in me ex and see if I get any takers;)

Oh, well.

James Mello

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PT I am tempted but can't deiced if I want a pontoon or a raft like yours or a clack. I am pondering it.

Mebeee PT can give you a spin? I saw that last year, and it's the nuts. If you plan on doing any kind of heavy water, it's just about as nice as it gets....
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