Day 1 at the Speyfest, Carnation WA

I have to say...WOW!!!! What a great time.

I actually arrived at about 9am and there was no-one around. It wasn't until about 9:30, when I ran into another guy who was attending did I realize that the park was where the parking was, but the actual fest was on the water about a 300 yard walk away. The gentleman (I did'nt get his name) was kind enough to tell me that there was access a short drive away. So, if you are going Sunday (Which I am), take the river access road just past the bridge once you get into town. It will be a left turn and follow it down to the end.

It was wicked cold and foggy!!! Dress warm. Once the fog burned off, it wasnt that bad.

There were rods oh plenty there to cast and admire. Mostly from Meiser and the TFO Deer Creek series. I believe Aaron brought these down from his shop all lined up and ready to try. There was also the new "Z" Spey rod...Crazy looking thing!!! I took a picture of it. I didn't cast it but talked to some peole that did. They said it was wierd....Ummmm..Yea I bet. I might be daring enough to try it out tommorow....I don't know it kinda scares me....LOL

Charles St. Pierre was there with all of his Sage rods and the new Rio AFS line series. Guys this is a sweet Scando line !!!!! I tried one out on a Sage 7136 and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!

Of course, Mike Kinney was there. This was my first time meeting him, although I've seen his face before. I was out on the water casting a 14" 9/10 Deer Creek when I heard a voice come from behind me and spashing of water as he waded out to me. Mike is an incredible person with an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. A class "A" guy.

After some Demos, we broke for lunch...cooked up by Mike's family I believe. Yummy burgers and dogs with chips and soda.

After lunch it was Mike Kinney's time!!! I was bummed that the battery on my digital camera was low. It has the ability to take movies and I was able to get a short one, about 15-20 seconds. I did take allot of pics.

Mike was definately the highlight for me. He went through 4 different rods and casted them like a true professional. Like I said...Incredible guy.

If you guys are interested, here is the link to my photobucket with the pictures:

Like I said, I will be there tommorow and will take more pics and hopefully fill up my 2 gig SD drives with some movies.....

See you there....

Joe Fitzpatrick...AKA "Littledeschutes"

I posted a few more pics from day #2. Just click on the photobucket link earlier in this thread. I added a folder "Day 2" and the pics will be there. I concentrated more on video than pics and unfortunetly I underestimated the battery capacity and ran out of juice halfway through. I did manage to get a couple of videos that are in quicktime format. I'll try to get a link up on my website here sometime this week and post the links here.

Another awesome day!!!!

Thank You Aaron tof hosting this awesome event. And thanks to Mike, Charles, Dan and Brian for their excellent presentations and one-on-one help.