The ultimate fishing sidearm?

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This weekend, my neighbor showed me his newest toy - a 5-shot revolver designed to fire .410 shotshells through a 3-inch rifled barrel. The Taurus 'Judge' (so named for the habit of Federal judges to carry pistols under their robes in south Florida courtrooms), seems like it might just be the ideal close range backwoods sidearm when chambered with say three .410 loads and two .45 Colt slugs. Read more about it here:


not bad.... not bad.... I have said it a few times on this forum though..... Hk is the way to go for fishing side arms..... Submerge em, beat em, freeze em and so on.... Not to mention my USP tactical holds 12 rounds of .45 acp
the idea of a small shotgun sidearm is appealing due to the fact that you can get less-than-lethal loaded shotshells. i'd rather fire rock salt on a perturbed tweaker than a .45 slug
seriously though i wish i had a pistol of some sort. actually i wish i had this pistol. **** shooting people though. Don't do that, there is a better way. At least aim for the foot.


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Upon reading the attached link I came away a little more interested than I was at first. As you know (or may not know) I collect fine vintage S&W revolvers, mostly in .44 Special, so I'm a dyed-in-the-wool wheelgun man. I would cry like a baby if I dropped one of these fine old Smiths in the rocks, so I often carry a cheap little .22 revolver in my pack. I rarely do this when fishing, but more often when I'm hunting chukar in the rimrock in Central Washington. I'm always paranoid, through personal experience, that my dog will get hit by a rattler. I also carry the .22 for coyotes, as I've had them try to lure my dog(s) into a chase, which would most likely end up in an ambush with other yotes. My old 16ga double with #7.5 shot doesn't have the range for that. This goofy looking revolver actually appears to be a great choice for a trail gun. And it's a Taurus, so if it tumbles down a steep canyon it won't be the end of the world (not that you'd want that to happen). I like it. By the way, if you don't roll your own you can get some nice heavy loads for bears via Buffalo Bore Ammunition, of St. Ignatius, MT. Url:


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I'm suprised that I have never though of a side arm where I fish. I get as far off the beaten path as I can get sometimes. I know that there are Bears up where I go and Bull Moose. I only got out of the Upper Ruby one time because there was something in the bushes rattling around. But as for snakes, since I've been in Montana I have only seen one snake and it was a garder snake about 18" long.

Here's what I get to pack... in silver...

I am looking for a replacement, unless I desire to go old west style and get a holster that will fit on my wading belt... That Taurus is interesting.


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seriously though i wish i had a pistol of some sort. actually i wish i had this pistol. **** shooting people though. Don't do that, there is a better way. At least aim for the foot.
Aim for the foot? If you've pulled the gun, you've already commited to shooting to kill. If you can't follow through, don't pull the gun. Shooting the foot sounds more 'PC', but what happens when you miss and he closes the gap and grabs your gun or stabs you with that knife? Or when the gun that he's been reaching for is now pointed at your head??

If you are going to pack a gun for self defense, you need to be ready to shoot to kill. If you aren't, then either keep the gun for snakes or whatever, or just don't pack at all. At least that's my 2 cents...

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Shooting rattlesnakes...WTF and LOL. What, they're gonna chase you like a black mamba? :rofl:

Considering that the vast majority of people who get bit are dill-holes trying to...

(1) kill them or

(2) handle them (that would be me)

I don't really see the point of shooting them. If they scare ya...stay home. I walk around them. It's quieter and and cheaper ;)

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