OP steelhead flies?


New to the board... and fly fishing & tying
I started tying flies last year, for only a couple months though, and would like to tie some steelhead flies for my 15 year old son. He lives in Forks and fishes the Quillayute system. I was thinking 6-8 different flies for steelhead and maybe a few for salmon. Any suggestions on what to start with? Anyone willing to share their list of fish catching favorites? Maybe include how you fish them... he just started fly fishing. Thanks


"Ride'n Dirty."
I'd do something like this for a Summer run.

I'd do something like this for other times.

Here is where I got those and you can choose form hundreds of flies.
Or you can go here;
http://www.umpqua.com/c-18-streamers-leeches.aspx or http://www.umpqua.com/c-22-alaskasteelheadpacific-salmon.aspx

Good luck, these are fairly easy to tie and you'll save a lot of money too!