Pass Lake flies??

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No matter what you use at that lake. If you have confidence in the fly it will work for you. It's like going to another state an asking what works here in the way of flies.

I have found out that what I used in Washington works here in Montana. You just have to go to smaller flies. But they are the same fly.

Best fishing I ever remember at Pass Lake was fishing flying ants in the fall. This was years ago but I'll bet it still happens. I recall using a red humpy the first day I was there during the "hatch" then tying some flies that were a better match. This event was localized at the far end of the lake from the launch. Has anyone else run into this. Jeff
This thread rose from the dead...

I'm heading over to Pass Lake on Sunday for the 1st time to float around and fish...looking forward to this one.

Recommendations on flies? Can I successfully fish a streamer with floating line this time of year or does someone have a better set-up for a March weekend?

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