Swap Married wing swap......

Hey Davy I would like in on this if you choose to have me. I think I could handle seven patterns by mid to late january and I agree that seven is a good number as these may take a little more time to tie up. Great swap idea and should be fun. Kevin


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Kevin--- happy to have you,

The tyers only need to tye six , unless you want one of your own. Up to you

Yes, it will take time for sure. Depending on choice, one could be looking at making up to 14 lefts and 14 rights. And thats just the wing. I don't expect One will choose to do a lower wing, but it might happen.

I begin this project tomorrow.

And now we need 1


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Thants it, we have our 7, wow, welcome Cameron, by the way, you gonna be around the valley for the holidays? You still back there in school? Maybe we can fish

2. Obi
3. Marty
4. David
5. Daryle
7. Cameron D
Actually I can't at all take credit for this great tie. It was tied by an artist unknown that I will use as inspiration for this swap.

It looks like various goose colors married with guinea fowl. I love the eyes on this fly and is this Great Argus?
Hey Obi. Looks like youve got quite a challenge ahead for you!! Thats one wild wing on that fly. The eyes arent argus they are some type of peacock pheasant. Germains or grey possibly hard for me to tell the different p. pheasants apart. Most likely body feathers. The prices on these feathers can be a little EYE opening also, but not as eye POPPING as some others out there. Kevin


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ok guys, here's a good guide for what all our fly's should look like

Dresser; and photo credit;
Bud Guidry, and yes ,that's real Continga Continga
Kevin thanks for your response. I posted that response before I did some feather research and I discovered that it is pheasant as well and possibly in the wing also.

Looking at that fly is artwork in its finest form.