Fy wallets New sizes New Prices!

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Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan
Hello all. Here are a few photos to showcase some of the work. The Flasks are a popular custom item and can be customized any way you want. I am busy but can always make time for custom jobs or special requests.

Please contact me for further inquiries (PM or phone). I take paypal check or money order. And I'll put initials on the wallets before I ship out.


Marc "Rowdy"
[email protected]


Mac nice talking with you yesterday. Look forward to getting my new wallet. The wallets you make would make anyone a hero at Christmas high dollar gift at a bargin price . Look forward to fishing with you when your on the westside.

thanks again zane
MAC...those are sweet. I gotta have the Mayfly. It's the perfect size for my Lone Lake bugs. PM me with your address and I'll get a check to you.


Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan
Thank you gents. You're all pretty classy fellas with really good taste! :) iagree

I have three perfect mayfly 4x3" stocking stuffers $29 look just like this one.

And I have this Westslope 5x4" cutty which is my personal favorite for $59.

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