A Noobie

Yo! Just registered on your board here. What do you guys need to see from a noob? There's one other board I can think of that requires some interesting pics upon entry from a noob. Anything here?

You folks have a nice little thing going here. I'm not from your fine state, but like the vibe and information on the board anyway. Live in Colorado where I'm a carp, trout (really starting to dig on the streamers) and beer guy. I'm on some other boards, so you might recognize the name.

Thanks for letting me lurk around! :beer1::cool:

What do you guys need to see from a noob?
Don't act like a jackass and run your mouth. Just behave like a normal, polite human being. :) Just hang out and get the, well, hang of it. Post what you want, and don't try to become Mr. Popularity in the first week you're here. We had a guy try that a few months back, and he was quickly shown the door by Mr. Scoones.

Welcome to WFF. It's a pretty nice forum.


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To get along on a politically correct Northwest forum, you'll probably have to change your name to "nontoxic"PbSlinger...just kidding, clever name.

If you're getting into streamers and haven't already done so, take advantage of the search option and look up "streamer techniques". There are some gem threads from a couple years ago.
Welcome to WFF. As Jeff said above, just be polite, be real, and don't be an ass. Treat people with respect even during debates. Search for Jason Baker. You want to be the opposite of him :D
Hey Pb,
Just an idiot in c-space here, so I have no right to tell you how to act (your wife gets that priviledge! :clown:). WELCOME and hope you stick around a while. Look fwd to seeing your posts! :thumb:

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