5 minute epoxy - how many flies per batch

I am fairly new to building heads using epoxy. So far I am averaging about 3 flies for each small batch of epoxy I am mixing up. After three flies the epoxy is starting to set.

I am wondering how many heads you epoxy experts can build in 5 minutes and if you have any pointers on techniques or tools used to speed things up.

When finishing the heads on a dozen flies do you go to a slower epoxy? Is there a difference besides the setup time between 5 and 20 minute epoxy?
Use twenty minute epoxy, and start with thin coats. The reason it is called twenty minute epoxy is that it takes twenty minutes to set up at room temperature.

Which one you use and why, depends on the fly you are making. You can make a dozen of these using five minute epoxy;


but you might only manage two clousers with it!

Depends on how well organised and practised you are. You will need a rotary dryer for most epoxy flies, as otherwise you can only do one at a time, in a rotary vice or similar.
Someone else already mentioned 20 minute epoxy.
My local model airplane shop sells "30" minute epoxy,
essentially the same stuff. I thought it was worth pointing

....epoxies with longer set times tend to be stronger,
better glues anyway.


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I use 20 minute epoxy. I used to tie up 10-15 flies and apply them all at once, and put them on the rotate wheel. I did two coats. The first one just set the general head shape. When they get a bit sticky, I set in eyes (if needed) and brush another thin coat to get a better finish. I bet the 5 mins epoxy are as good as 20 mins one and might speed thing up even more quickly. This is my cornhead surf candy
Thanks for the tips. I am aware there is a difference in setup time for the different products but it seems like a lot of people recommend the 5 minute stuff. I was thinking maybe it dries clearer or maybe is harder or more durable.


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Depends on the fly. For deceivers or small clousers, I can get near a dozen if the room temperature isn't too cold. more clousers than deceivers. For seahabits I don't try for more than 6 and 5 is more comfortable. That's a comfortable pace. Fast but not frantic. If a seahabit application goes bad, throw those numbers out and get as many as you did before the bad one, and the bad one:rofl: