Chum fun


Left handed Gemini.
The fishing has slowed at my favorite estuary but there are still fish to be caught so yesterday morning I was out there, not too many people out early, I waded out to about waist deep to get away from the milling fish around the mouth of the creek that were being harrassed and pretty soon the fog rolled in and it was like I was all alone sure I could hear voices from time to time but even these were muffeled by the fog. I could see schools of fish moving around not as many as there have been but enough, so I put on a pink marabou and started casting, it wasn't long before I felt a tug but I didn't hook up, I was casting to the front of the schools as they headed towards me and it seemed like every time I would either get a touch or a fish, it wasn't fast action I was catching a couple of fish an hour but it sure was fun.There was a point at which I could see my fly when it was about twenty feet out from the end of my rod and this hen started following it right about there, and then with only a couple of feet left I gave a little pull with my rod which sped the fly up slightly and the fish surged forward and hit, fish on, very cool, I've seen them chase my flies and I've seen them hit my flies before but not like this.

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