So many reel seats!!

I’m embarking on construction of my first well thought out fly rod. In past years I’ve constructed 10 or so “functional” rods, from glass to low modulus graphite. For reel seats I’d just order up something cheap that looked like it would work. Generally speaking cost was the highest consideration. For this rod cost is not the number one criteria, but I’m having a hard time justifying spending $40 or more on a reel seat. There are many options out there. This rod will be 9’ 6 wt, used occasionally in salt. Weight is a consideration, no heavier than necessary. Double locking nut or some sort of locking mechanism seems good. I have fished with reel seats that tended to back off and had to be periodically tightened while fishing, kind of a pain. There is a reel seat with an O-ring. I presume this is a locking feature. Does it work? A seat that holds the reel securely so it does not move or shift sideways during use even with different reels. I‘m open as to seat material, but prefer cosmetics of a nickel or semi-dark satin finish. Insert material is not a criteria in itself. I’m open. While a real lover of the beauty of wood, I am not all that interested in a fancy wood grain insert. Weight and cost are more important than aesthetics for the insert. If it makes a difference the blank while not purchased is likely to be from Five Rivers or Beulah. So what are your favorite reel seats?
OK, here would be my vote. I have used a couple of these and they have both the double locking rubberized O-ring nuts and the chaneel you descibe. Used on my steelhead rod.

The CL7RC model, available in a variety of finishes, has a ID of .455, just about perfect for almost any 6 wt out there. Can be had for around $14.

No need to spend anything more.
Lately Ive been using the struble U18-HG or the U15-HG. Great seats,double locking nuts,saltwater friendly and the price is right. I think for your six weight the U15 with a .500 ID would be the way to go. I think the U15 is priced around 23 bucks or so. Definatly worth a look. Kevin
More seats! The CL7 is one I'd missed since Pac Bay lists it in a section by itself. Yes it has promise! All the right criteria. I appreciate the info. I'll order one up. perhaps in black satin and F green.
Now that winter has set in and local fishing opportunities have diminished it is time to "feed the dragon". A 3 pc 4 wt came off the dryer this morning. The fishing bug has bitten particularly hard this year.
Some of the high-end reel seats are designed specifically for expensive machined reels with small, thin "feet." Older reels like pflueger medalists, and even some of the great new mid-priced reels, simply won't fit these seats. You won't have any trouble with Struble, Pac Bay, or many other products, but make sure you ask about this if you buy a custom reel seat.