Basin Ducks 11-24-07

Did the morning hunt at my favorite "zipper lip" duck ponds in the basin. Ventured out from my father's farm where we were staying several hours before shooting time started to get set up and catch a quick nap before the fun began. We quickly realized that we had made a fatal error in not taking in to account that the weather had been freezing over the past week or so. We eventually found some open water that was no more than about a few hundred feet wide, and figured we'd make the best of it. Tossed out the deeks and kicked back for a bit.

As soon as it was light enough to get a glimpse of the horizons and what was moving, we knew that it was a bust. Nothing was passing our way whatsoever. The only movement was on some much larger open water about a half mile off that we'll say is not open for hunting. But their paths didn't bring them anywhere near our puddle, and our only fly overs were way up high, not even close to being within the farthest reaches of our 12 gauges.

Had a great outdoors weekend anyways with all the fishing and being out away from work. Can't win em all


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heard there were quite a few ducks on the refuge to the north of the *mcNary Refuge*... i have shot ducks there off the ice before but its tough.

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All the ducks were sitting on the north side of I-90 as we crossed the lake heading east last Wednesday, and coming home on Saturday. Hopefully it'll warm back up just enough to open up the small waters, otherwise the river is where they'll be.