cold Lenice report


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I like to try and fish Lenice at the very end of the season so we went yesterday. We were in 4 wheel drive from the top of the pass to the parking lot. 3 inches of snow in the lot and no one there (duh!).
It was fun to wheel our boats in, what a different world when there is snow in the desert.
I wish I could say we had a killer day, but we didn't. I had 4 hookups and brought two to the boat. My buddy has one take. The lake was in awesome condition (no, I did not take a water temp).
The best fly was the bloodworm.
Saw numerous wipe outs on the way home unfortunatly. Still, a better day than going to work.

Happy Holidays.


I hope the attachment worked
i bet a pontoon would make an awesome sled
Last year when we had snow for three days I took mine down the hill in front of our house. Worked OK once you got some grooves formed. The material on the bottom of mine isn't very slick.

Dave, Great post and picture, You are a braver man than I. :eek:


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Dave, what kind of tires do you have on your toons to transport them (purchased or made)? They look like they would be easy to get to the water.

I like the dedication. Those kind of trips always make for the best stories and are never forgot.
Dude, you earned some serious man points for that one. I don't know how or where you redeem the points, but you gottem nontheless. Sweet pic.



~El Pescador
it wasn't as bad as it looks. the walk in warmed us up (the Baileys didn't hurt as well). it snowed lightly on us all day which was kind of fun.

As for our wheel setups. Mine is a 27" bike tire. A friend of mine works in a machine shop so he made me a custom bracket that fits over my anchor pully (it cost me a case of beer). It is heavy duty - 5 years and counting. I have placed other boats on top of mine and wheeled both in.

I'll try another picture at the lake in a bit - seem to be having problems.

Hey Dave could I see a couple of pics of your wheel set up as I'm going to have to build one. We packed our toons to Lenice and it was a looonnnngggg walk. I'm still looking for a design idea to copy if you don't mind.


~El Pescador
the setup I have is pretty custom. my buddy (Mr Machine Sop) came over with his mike (sp?), did some measuring and then a little drawing. He made two pieces out of aluminum that connect together around the anchor pulley system (which don't use). then they are bolted together so it can come apart real easy. He then drilled a hole from thru the top of this mount so the neck of the wheel forks slides thru this hole. We then drilled a hole thru the side of the mount and the fork neck and I slip a screwdriver thru this to hold the wheel in place so it does not stray or turn. It really is sweet. I will take some pictures of it and see if it shows the details. Heck, I live in Renton and can meet you if that works.
Alot of guys use the goose neck from a bike and secure it up in the same area on the frame as my contraption. They hold up pretty good but usually end of breaking or shearing off the top of the bolt head due to the angle and strain.
let me see what I can do though.

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