Got my Carp Flies!!!

Hey all,
Got my flies Monday, just now got a look at em, they are great! I really like the long shanked brown fly with the herl palmered down it, who get the credit? It just looks alive. Many thanks to all and especially our fine Swapmiester. I might head west this weekend and see if I can find anything fun swimming in the Basin anywhere......

Bob Triggs

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Go to the gallery and look at the pictures Roper posted- that man did one fine job putting this together- the flies are beautiful. Some of the pix have recipies etc.If you missed out on the fly swap, get into one next time- it's a hoot!Way to go Roper!:thumb
Ya, I got my flies on Friday. I gotta give props to Roper for being such a fine Shwapmeister, I owe you 85 cents since I shorted you on the postage. You didn't have to mail it back priority:), anyway I really have to work on my tying skills. I changed my fly halfway into the swap, it wasn't the ugly bug that I started out with, but since I already submitted that name I didn't want to bother changing it. Thanks Roper and congrats to Piscean for the awesome tag(I take it that you did draw it?).
P.S. Do you fellows normally use the flies or keep them in a container with all the other fly swaps flies you get?
I like to use the ones I get and will give reports if they slay any fish, which they probably will.


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You are all welcome...

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the results of the swap. You guys were very generous with extra flies and more than enough return postage. I learned a lot doing this and would do another one if the opportunity arises.
The only downside, for some reason Andy's flies came back to me so he needs to send me his address again to see what I may have goofed up.


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Yes, gentlemen, can I say that it was a very very big honor to recieve my flies. I eagerly await the deployment of the next fly-swap. I would suggest a fly-swap titled: "Big Brown" fly-swap. It could be dedicated to our favorite "HOG" patterns. Big and Gawdy would be a must. I couldn't be a schwapmiester because I work two jobs and have ADD. Anyone like to run with it?


Brad Niemeyer

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I'll take the credit for "trusty rusty"...My fly tying skills have atrophied a bit ... Lately I just crank these out, so I can go fishing...the marabou gives it some action, the color is carp friendly and the silhouette imitates dragon fly nymphs or maybe a small crayfish

The fly works so well on carp I hardly use anything else. Enjoy!:thumb

P.S. Everybody did a great job on these carp flies

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