Swap stonefly swap

mike doughty

Honorary Member
alright! i've been gone and out of circulation for awhile and am chomping at the bit to start tying again so i thought i suggest a stonefly swap. it's a little early for stones but not a big deal. i won't be home for another 3 weeks roughly so i would make the deadline, flies to me, say feb. 21. 12 tiers, 1 pattern each of your favorite stonefly imitation. doesn't matter if it's a nymph, dry, etc. i hate to sound like a dick but would prefer no beginning tiers, sorry.

me-orange stone - recieved
cabezon-skwala dry - recieved
stillwater-pmx/stimulator - recieved
dick ross-dark stonefly nymph - recieved
P-FITZ98-mean nymph pattern - recieved
steeli-dark stone nymph - recieved
david dalan-wiggly legged bastard - recieved
islander-montana stone- recieved
cruncher-crazy legged stone - recieved
marty-two tone - recieved
burci-something that floats - recieved

swap is now closed!
I don't have any choice but to be a Dick! Maybe I will try to be a Mike instead. Anyway I am in will probably tie a dark stonefly Nymph.