What happened to Gibbs Lake?

You don't need a PM on this one. The lake was closed this year, along with Anderson and Leland, because of blue-green algae blooms that were toxic. While I doubt it's closed now, I haven't heard of it re-opening. The Jefferson County Parks department would know.
I have been wondering the same seeing as i have never fished it and i have been wanting to lately. But i heard same thing that those three lakes were closed but nothing else ever came up about them. I know that leland is open cause i floated it during that snow storm we had...no luck :( Any more info would be good seeing that i live so close to them.
Actually i went adventuring today and stopped by there and it still had a little closed sign on a post....i dont know though i woulda figured algea would be gone by now. Dont know :(
It doesn't seem to be a problem for the fish. It will make you very sick if you ingest any. For animals it can be deadly. One of the locals dog drank the water at Lone and died from it.
Just checked in with Jeffco Environmental Health; Gibbs has a clean bill with them, and they've pulled their closure. HOWEVER, Jeffco Parks is keeping the lake closed because the all-clear from EH was not as clear as it could be; it was cautionary, apparently--the difference between being "perfectly safe" and "should be safe". Parks has taken a very conservative approach.

The good news is that the EH people have a new monitoring system, and Parks will be following that more closely. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the lake will open relatively soon.

I'm supposed to get an e-mail on the status of Gibbs' testing, and I will pass it on.
Just now got off the phone with the guy from Jeffco Parks. Gibbs might be open as early as next week; he said that Leland may open at that time as well. Both lakes fall into the safe category, but bureaucracy takes time...
Well if anyone see's that there open they should post it up cause i have been wanting to hit those up for some time now. I have been on leland before but never gibbs and was looking a change.