A Look Into the Life of a College Steelhead Bum

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
The first quarter of the academic year has passed. Long nights of cramming for finals are over to be replaced by partying, drinking and epic games of beer pong. Multiple nights of drinking ensue, followed by days of general slacking off. The holidays are here, and school doesn't start back up for another month. The next few days are barely going to be remembered. :beer2::beer1:ptyd.

About a week later, in a dazed and sedated state I start to feel a twinge in the back of my mind. It s a feeling that won't go away. A feeling that brings visions of suffering, numbnesses, and defeat. But hidden down inside, is the craving to indulge in its addictive rush. And I embrace it.

I need to go fishing.

While my roommates are all out partying or have gone home for the holidays, I find myself alone in my room with nothing but my music, beer, and feathers to keep me company. I've been up all night so far tying flies and topping off my winter steelhead boxes. I'd like to point out the zoned out, buzzed, late night state I appear to be in, beer bottle on the desk, makeshift tying bench, supplies scattered everywhere. All the right ingredients for a college, left-wing of fly fishing steelhead bum to stay up late stocking up on flies.

And I still find myself awake when I have plans to wake up at 5am to head out to the river!:beathead:


Meat chucker
Hell yeah dude, right there with ya. Enjoy school while you can and enjoy your time on the water on break. I am on my last winter break of my college career and I plan on fishing as much as I can. College is great, but it is almost time for me to enter real life which will probably cut down the amount of fishing I get in. Live it up as much as possible while you are there! Oh and nice fly collection, you should be able to find some metal with those bad boys!!



Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
I paid $500 a ticket for a couple weekends to fly back from North Dakota just for the chance to hook a Steelhead!

Use living near the Skagit/Sauk to your advantage!

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