I just wanted to join the fun, as I have been reading the site for quite a while. I have Joan Wolfe's video on casting and have gotten quite a bit from it. not knowing much its easy to get a lesson...I did make a rod holder for my pickup by getting a 3.5 inch inside diameter square aluminum square tube from boeing surplus, putting some padding inside and closing the ends. It is 10ft 8inches long and I believe it will hold 4 rods fully extended, but the motor on the truck died and have not gotten to use it....so as yet it is untested. the rods do have go go diagonally into the tube. I did this after breaking a rod by not placing it in a safe place....and running over it....all by my self, I could not even blame anyone else at all, as I was alone....but it was darker than the dickens....I've been tying a deer hair mouse for quite a while and still have yet to actually catch anything on one of them....I keep trying. wild bruce:beer2