Skagit Report


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Met Ed Dahl - "Lastcall" and Joe (sorry Joe I don't remember your forum name)- from Bothel at the Howard Miller steelhead park at 7:00. Weather was probably perfect for steeheading...drizzle - wind - cold...drizzle - wind - cold. Put in up at Marblemount and started rowing around 7:45.

First cast...sink tip and fly take a "deep six" when the loop connector snaps...I think this was the "bad omen" that tells you that you should have stayed home!

Didn't see many fish...only one near the tree nursery by Rockport...other than that Ed saw a few near the "powerline run" jumping on the far side. Other than that not even a tug! What seemed to be slightly higher than the middle of November... gin clear as usual. Tried everything from articulated leaches to doritos (even the cheezier kind!?). Come to the conclusion the river is open because there are no fish to protect (kidding of course!)...welcome to steelheading!

However, the drift was nice, as well as the company! Trip highlite cheeze burger lunch!

Hope others did better! Gear Guys guys 0.