Swap spring streamer swap

mike doughty

Honorary Member
sent mine out but i just found the toe tags that i forgot to put on them hope that isnt a prblem. here is the recipe
Hook: Mustad size 8 nymph
Bead: gold
Thread black 6/0
Tail: sim-seal dubbing in yukon black
Body: sim-seal dubbing in yukon black
no sweat. i'll put some on

mike doughty

Honorary Member
as best as i can tell, this is who's left to recieve flies from.

steeli-in the mail
hedburner-waiting to ship
wpeb-waiting to ship
clint f-no clue
david dylan-no clue
islander-no clue
rdl-no clue
daryle-no clue

if the status is different then let me know guys.

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