Resident coho activity!

I have been on the East Coast for the last couple of weeks and am anxious to get out fishing for resident coho in a few days. Not much has been posted on WFF about the resident coho fisheries over the last month. What's been going on?

In early Dec. I found a couple of spots which had a few resident coho but not like past years. Nearby Bonaparte gulls could be seen pecking on the water surface as they feed on amphipods which are normally an important food source for resident coho particularly in Dec., Jan., and Feb. These reddish/brown "scud-like critters" are about 1/16 to 1/8" long and can be seen slowly spinning on the water surface. Now that the food supply is arriving at their normal yearly locations, hopefully larger schools of resident coho will be found at these spots.

Over the last couple of weeks, I hope that many of you fellow saltwater fly anglers have been able to locate some spots where there are quite a few resident coho and the hook-ups have been plentiful!


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