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Just out of curiosity what do you guys use to store all your supplies when your not tying? I'm looking for something that I could tote between the dorm room and home but still keep all the stuff I need organized and safe. Too much to ask for? Thanks for the help in advance.
Depends on how much stuff you have. One of the best investments I've made is one of those "crafting"/scrapbooking carryalls on wheels with a regular strap handle as well as retractable handle so you can carry it like a suitcase or pull it around. Basically is a small piece of luggage. Has lots of large storage space as well as pockets with easy access and some have removable inserts for crafting supplies like beads/papers/scissors that can easily be used for storing hooks/hackles/tools. They come in different styles and sizes and you can find a nice selection of them in Michael's craft stores or a big Joanne's fabric--they can be spendy but these stores often have a 40%-50% off coupon in the Sunday paper. I also have a smaller canvas case I bought some years back that is designed specifically for fly tyers and that cost 4 times as much as the crafting model, I ended up not using most of the inserts so it's not worth what I paid.
Michaels craft store has all their scrapbooking cases on sale for 50% off next week or you can convert a piece of luggage like the previous post. The other option is the stand-by rubber maid plastic bin with a locking lid--then you can get smaller containers/ziploc bags to keep all your stuff organized inside. Since your in the dorm then something that will slide under your bed would probably suit you best. Don't forget to add some cedar blocks to keep the buggies out. Some people only use moth balls, but the smell makes me sick and cedar blocks have done their job for me for over 12 years now.
I use a carry-on type bag with an extendable handle and wheels. There's enough room for vise, tools and enough materials to get me through a weeks tying or more. Picked it up at a thrift store for about $4.00.
Hit one of the home improvement stores and check out the plastic toolboxes. I used one for quite awhile and it worked pretty good. It will handle vise, tools, and supplies depending on what size you need/buy. They're made with all sorts of compartments now adays and some compartments are adjustable.
The other option is the stand-by rubber maid plastic bin with a locking lid--then you can get smaller containers/ziploc bags to keep all your stuff organized inside.
I have this system and it seems to work for me. I store different materials in different bins (furs or feathers or synthetic), and it is infinitely expandable! The plastic containers are clear so I can see which bins have what in them. It might not be as organized as some folks' materials, but I never have trouble finding what I need. I have a gym bag that everything fits nicely into if I ever want to take it all with me.
I use one of the large tackle boxes to store my hooks, tools and spools when I am on the go. The top part is large enough to carry my vice, its base and additional boxes with barbells, coneheads and beadheads. For majority of my materials, I have a file box that I keep what I need for the trip in it. Beyond my travel boxes, I have a large (24"x12") that holds my materials that I don't immediately need. For the two pictured below I don't think I spent more than $25.

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I think the freezer bags with 3 ring binder holes is a killer idea. I have a bunch of rubbermaid/tackle box insert containers that work great at home, but for traveling a soft sided three ring binder setup would be really sweet. Time to rummage through my shed and basement, I'm sure I have plenty to make that work.

I have also seen neat fly tying dressers, small versions to large chest sized. Not claiming that they are portable, but a pretty cool looking way to store your stuff neatly. Maybe when my kids grow up I will convert their smallest dresser into a storage area for my stuff.

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