Cutt Beach?


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Has anyone been out fishin the salt for sea run cutts lately? Anything biting?

Can any one recommned a productive beach within a couple hours of Seattle that I can try. Don't hesitate to email [email protected] if you don't want to post hot tips in public.

Tight lines


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I haven't fished recently, but I do have a couple beaches to reccomend to you. I like the Fort Flagler area NW of Seattle (a bit of a drive, but worth the trouble). I catch a lot of nice sea-runs off those beaches, as well as an almost annoying amount of 4 to 8 inch baby salmon. Fish the fast currents by the dock and campground, or Marrowstone Point. A closer option is Purdy. The big spit is excellent for cutts. The slack low tide has been best for me, and anywhere along the beach is productive. I use mainly streamers to imitate baitfish, and now, salmon smolts. The smolts come out of the creeks from March to June, and the Cutts wait at the little inlet below the bridge to ambush them. Fantastic fishing. Also, I have had small success in the lagoon with certain dry flies, like humpies and caddis (don't ask me!) Hope this helps you a bit-


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