Writing on blanks

I am almost done with my first rod build and wanted to write on the blank with a pen... you know the date build and stuff like that... what kind of pen are you suppose to use?


Help! I'm trapped in a landlocked state.
I've tried all sorts of tricks of writing on tape, writing on water slide transfer paper, but writing directly on the blank works best for me. I use a Rapidograph pen with opaque white ink. It's kind of like a traditional quill pen, but a little easier to use, in my opinion. If I make a mistake, I erase using a natural brown coffee filter (lint free) and rubbing alcohol. Once I get it perfect, I dab on clear color preserver (the white water-based stuff leaves just a slight halo when you hold the finished product to the sun). Dab it on so that you don't smear the ink. Once that's dry, epoxy as usual.

Those are my tricks, but I'm sure you'll get other opinions as well.

Mike Ediger

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I just use white Windsor Ink with a caligraphy pen and then epoxy over it when I am doing my wraps. Wipes off with water and rag if I make a mistake prior to epoxying. Works well for me.

Charlie S

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Another option that can give you a really professional finished look is a water slide decal custom ordered from:


They are fast and reasonable and have a great product.

Disclaimer: I am not connected in any way with this company nor do I receive any renumeration or consideration from them. I'm just a very satisfied customer.
I understand a Gel Roller Pen is suppose to work.
I've used the Gel Pens before. The nice thing is you can get them in a wide selection of colors. Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry, then apply a coat of color preserver over it, being careful not to get the brush on the inscription. Another trick is to use a light coat of the varnish in a spray can.
Like Wes said, I like to write on the blank with a gel pen, apply some spray fixative (available at Michaels) or even hair spray. Let it dry then drip/flow on some polyurethane. Let that dry completely and flow on a second coat for good measure. After the second coat you can do whatever you want to it.

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